This thought-provoking Video was sent to us by reader “tibble1925.”  Many thanks, my friend.  It is patriots like you who will insure America continues as an Exceptional Nation.




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  1. Examiner says:

    It’s no wonder the OWS crowd is upset, they have been screwed out of an education by our nation’s leading universities; they paid their tuition and fees but got very little in return and certainly didn’t learn logical thinking.

    Hey, I hear Starbucks is hiring.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Examiner…So is McDonalds. Boeing just announced they will be hiring 500 new employees to staff their NASA project. All is not lost. Poor babies, their biggest challenge now is keeping warm. Lots of luck with that.

    Check out this link. Holder and crew are now suing SC. That is three states for them on this subject. Only 47 more to go, or 54 by Obama count.


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