It is a given that B Hussein Obama MUST be defeated.  Conversations are going on all over America among conservatives, independents, moderates, and even some proglibs about how this MUST happen and, most especially, who in the Republican Party is best suited to make it happen.  Disregarding the overly hyped debates, the talking heads, and the super-wise print pundits, it will likely come down to conversation around the breakfast table,  folks in a neighborhood bar, and even late-nite pillow talk as to  who could/would best accomplish this most important mission.

We have come to a fork in the road.  One will lead to the defeat of Barack Obama and send him, tail between his legs, back to Chicagoland.  The other fork will lead to his re-election and four more years of unmitigated disaster for America.






The Main Stream Media will always back the conservative they feel is most beatable by the ProgLib candidate.  Another concern is the conservative proclivity to support the “next-in-line/most deserving” sentiment.  As the old saying goes, “those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it.”

Go back to yesteryear and take a look at what happened to Bob Dole.  He was one of the most likable  of all politicians, also the most honest.  Additionally,  he was about as exciting as watching paint dry.  The MSM backed his candidacy to the hilt.  When he received the nomination, they turned.  Result?  A Dole defeat.  He was the easist for the ProbLib candidate to beat.





Fastforward to the last election.  McCain most definitely had the stamp of approval from the MSM.  His campaign was close to comatose but was then resurected by the media.  We were told that independents and even some democrats just loved him.   Perhaps, but a great many conservatives did not because of his RINO credentials.  Consequently, many simply did not vote.  I submit that was a major reason why Obama got elected.  Certainly, Obama did generate many additional votes because of “hopey/changey” but keep in mind that two million fewer people voted in 2008 than voted in 2004. 

Do the math.  Obama won North Carolina by a mere 14,000 votes.  He won in Indiana by only 25,000 votes.  He won Florida by only 236,000 out of well over eight million votes cast.  In creating the myth of the 2008  “Obama Miracle,” two things happened.  The media turned on McCain big time and became unabashed cheerleaders for Obama.  The Republicans felt McCain deserved to be the candidate because he was “next in line.” The rest is history.





Lets bring it on home for the upcoming 2012 election.  Republicans are once again being conned.  They are being force-fed the same old line about the preference of most independents and, indeed, some democrats.   Choose between the liberal and media approved Mitt Romney and the more conservtive and less polished Rick Perry.  Of course the independents and some democrats vastly prefer Mitt.  The MSM does too.  Know why?  They prefer the weaker candidate to go up against Obama so His Majesty will win his second term.






The NYTs, MSNBC etc will continue to support Romney until he wins the Primaries.  They wil then turn on him.  Why not?  It has worked quite well in the past.It will work once again if the American people once again fail to engage brain.

The “next-in-line” philosophy so prevalent in GOP circles must be stopped.  That is step one.  The conservatives are now flailing around, attempting to find another Reagan.  It ain’t gonna happen.  They seem to sense their previous “deserves it” attitude is not a winning policy if they wish to recapture the White House.  The frenzy within the last few days about Christie was just an attempt to find another Reagan.  Plaudits to Christie for finally putting his availability to rest.  They are likely going to have to go with what they have.  I would hope they keep the mission of ending the Obama Regime front and center as they proceed.






Availability of information from a multitude of sources has never been greater.  America no longer has an “Uncle Walter” to tell us “that’s the way it was…”  The TV alphabets have been largely discredited as being unreliable in terms of accurate journalism.  Of course, there is always the Blogosphere, the Wall Street Journal, and FOX News.  However, there is no substitute for engaging brain and focusing on the GOAL.









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  1. Gabriel says:

    USMC…I think we are seeing a mental breakdown from the affirmative action community organizer. Barry went from griping to the Black Caucus to castigating the EU on their monetary policy. The frightening thing is that he has his finger on the red button. What in the world have we done?

    Newsweek Editor admits Barry was not ready for Prime Time. Check the link.

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