AMERICA BAD!…..The NEA (National Education Association) intends to double the amount of its members’dues spent on politics so that it can spend even more on political campaigns—that means ProgLib politicans and every left-wing cause they can find.  Last year, $56 million went this direction.  This raise in political spending comes at a time when the NEA has seen membership fall by some 54,000 members and found a $14 milion shortfall in its general operating budget.  Perhas this is one of the reasons for the Wisconsin debacle.  Wisconsin is NOT a right-to-work state.  If the “Fleebaggers” win here it will stay that way.  If Democracy wins that 54,000 membership loss may go even higher.

OBESITY SIGN MUST GO…..Of course this silliness is once again in San Fransicko.  The sign is on the home of Richard Modolo in the Bernal Heights section of the city.  Know what the sign depicts?  It is a vintage Cocoa Cola sign from days gone by.  Supervisor David Campos is weighing this most important issue.  If Modolo does not paint over the sign he could face a $100 per day fine.

BAD WEEK FOR “THE WON”…..Poor Barack.  This past week he just couldn’t catch a break.  The middle east is in flames and he cannot vote “present.”  Initially, he scolds Libya’s Qaddafi, a day or so later he SOUNDS really serious, and now he tells his former buddy he must GO NOW!  (Those are Mubarak-used words.  Oh, my.)  Meanwhile, back in Madison, he tells America that it appears an attack is going on against the unions.  Concurrently with this astute judgment, he mobilizes his hordes: Move-On, ACSME, SEIU, Organizing for America, and the AFL/CIO and instructs them to go and sleep in the Capital.  Armed with his professionally designed signs, they DO.  Wonder how he feels about the “Fleebaggers” from Wisconsin fleeing the state so they won’t be present and lose the vote.  Copycat Indiana ProgLibs are now doing the same thing.  I have no clue how either of these serious events will turn out.  Know what is scary??  Neither does he.

VOICE OF AMERICA WEBSITE HACKED…..A group of hackers calling themselves the “Iranian Cyber Army” defaced the VOA website several days ago.  The website normally displays a stream of news stories in a wide array of languages.  It was only down for a short while but the fact it was done attests to the important information it provides to oppressed people.  The Iranian Fars News Agency stated that “The move came in response to the false reports released by the VOA and other websites on the spread and progress of seditious moves in Iran”  It went on to state that “VOA acts as a complimentary and media arm of the US spy agencies.”

BLOGGING RULE FIVE…..I have always enjoyed articles from “The Political Commentator.”  Today I received a most valuable bit of information.  It dealt with “How to get one million hits to your Blog.”  Here is the thrust of the article.  If you write a Blog that puts forth the most credible and important political analysis on a story and few people read it have you really accomplished your mission.  Short answer–no.

The first five rules for successful blogging I pretty much do but the fifth I have in the past blown.  Rule Five states no matter how focused people are on politics, nobody can face it 24/7.  Sometimes the entire purpose of the Blog should be to provide entertainment.  Everybody loves a pretty girl.  It isn’t just guys that enjoy this.  Take a look at Cosmo  or Glamour.  I can gripe about Obama all day long but the Rule Five states it would be better to watch a hot female making those same remarks.  Rule Five also touchs on use of tags/keywords to drive traffic.

I am not dumb forever, so today think I will give Rule Five a go and see what happens.

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  1. MadPole says:

    Is that last picture the Fox News anchorettes?

  2. MadPole says:

    I wonder if they would object if the Kenyan was pictured drinking or snorting the coke?

  3. USMC-1969 says:

    Madpole -- As he said, that was the purpose. At least bubba did not inhale. He was more into cigars.

  4. Gabriel says:

    Mad…One would think so, huh? I remain totally convinced that conservative females are far more beautiful than ProLib gals. Speaking of the Kenyan, this link speaks to the Manchurian Candidate theory. Enjoy.


  5. Gabriel says:

    USMC…Word has it that Bubba did some other interesting things with cigars. On a separate topic. more and more is leaking out reference the SEIU being a prominent writer of Obamacare. It is no secret that former SEIU boss, Andy Stern, was the most frequent visitor to the Obama White House.

    By the way, agree or disagree with the last topic on today’s Blog?

  6. Gabriel says:

    USMC…How do you like the tags (at the end)??

  7. FastZ says:

    The Wisconsin teacher’s strike is a debacle of epic proportions. Consider this- the teachers went on strike because their union told them to. They left their classrooms, called in sick or just failed to show up, and went to the Capital. They showed their students that it’s OK to lie and yell in order to get what want no matter whether it’s what’s best for the community as a whole. They proved to the kids that selfishness is acceptable.

    But more than that they also showed their own lack of intelligence and their willingness to follow their leaders like clueless sheep. They keep saying they’re marching to keep their collective bargaining benefits, and maybe they believe that, but in reality the union is aginst it because it will make union dues voluntary, will require annual votes to recertify the union, and states that the union must collect their own dues rather than have the state automatically deduct them.

    Living in a right-to-work state as we do we’ve seen clearly that people rarely join unions if they are not forced to do it to get the job. If that were to happen to the NEA they would lose a massive amount of funding, money that goes directly to the Democrats in the form of political donations. And those donations have reaped terrific benefits as the teacher’s unions have already had three stimulus paybacks and union voices in the White House.

    Do we really want our children to be taught by this group who are stupid enough to believe what their union tells them rather than see the facts for themselves? Personally I believe that critical thinking is one of the most important things for our children to learn, something that’s noticably absent in these teachers.

    As a side note, the other workers covered by the union, the custodians and office staff etc, all went to work rather than strike, which has not been widely publicized. Wonder why??? Perhaps it is those people who are teaching our kids the best lesson of all.

  8. Examiner says:

    To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical. – Thomas Jefferson

    It appears the idea of public employee unions and their collective bargaining rights have reached a tipping point. The poor financial condition of most state governments has finally been acknowledged by the majority of voters and they don’t like what they see; it will eventually trickle up to the federal level. I credit the “Tea Party” for spotlighting the issue and a few state governors with the political courage to take on the unions. I believe there will be many more battles with public employee unions but the unions will eventually lose the war. Those who owe their political livelihood to unions are getting pretty desperate; Card Check was the first example and represented a back door approach to union growth but the events in Wisconsin have put the issue in the headlines. The union’s membership problems are due entirely to the union leadership. If their first priority really was the workers, instead of politics, I think they would be far more successful.

  9. Gabriel says:

    Fast…You are right. Exactly what does that teach the children? I certainly hope the governors under seige, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Mass NJ, just to name a few, do not cave or compromise. They win this and the unions have (I hope) taken a big time loss of power.

    Different topic at the link. Looks like a few folks REALLY dislike TSA.


  10. Gabriel says:

    Examiner…Here in Florida we are spoiled because we live in a right-to-work state. Have you read the statistics about the growth of states like Florida as compared with California? You would think some people would actually pay attention, wouldn’t you?

  11. USMC-1969 says:

    Gabriel -- AGREE…… :) (But don’t tick off any of the lovely intelligent ladies in our midst.) Quite a trick in keeping it informative and fun for all, but that is why it is called Politics.

  12. USMC-1969 says:

    Gabriel -- I seldom check tags unless I needed more from the actual column. I do try to check links provided in commentary though.

  13. USMC-1969 says:

    With a wife, daughter, sister, and S-I-L teaching, it is difficult to think the protests are for the kids or the Middle Class. I am fully aware of their compensation and benefits. Especially my S-I-L who taught in chicago. Their chants and signs ring hollow.

  14. Gabriel says:

    USMC…This whole thing is all about power, nothing else. This link reports what Barry had to say to the Governors.


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