Ray Stevens is an American legend.  Eons ago, he came out with a Video called “The Streak.”  that was the craze in those days.  It caught every one’s attention (except perhaps the elites of East Hampton, the Chicago Way Group and the Hollywood Weirdos). Today, you are privileged to view his first biggie plus two follow ons which speak in humorous fashion to the disaster that has befallen us recently

Give a listen.

His take on the Patton speech from WW II is hilarious.

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7 Responses to “RAY STEVENS”

  1. USMC-1969 says:

    Yep, Ray Stevens has his pulse on the feelings of the nation. Just extremely happy that “The Streaker” was NOT referring to nancy, bawney, or janut. I still have nightmares about that pic with bawney wearing black nylons. That was a mental image best left unseen.

  2. MadPole says:

    Ha ha, good stuff Colonel, I just wish old blood and guts was still around. He would have been a great president, imagine how George would have handled the Wisconsin Teachers.

  3. Gabriel says:

    USMC…Remember the picture with Bawney leaving a meeting and hitching his pants up? That was another scary one.

    Here is another Ray Stevens you may not have seen.

  4. Gabriel says:

    Mad…Have you see the Patton parody on the Iraq etc situation? If not, I will send it to you. That gets the old heart going.

    This link will distress you. It speaks to media bias.


  5. MadPole says:

    Man, I wish I could support that site monetarily.

  6. Gabriel says:

    Mad…There are many that will. Not to worry. What is needed are your computer words and strong belief that America is truly that shining city on the hill that President Reagan so eloquently described.

    This link will likely bring forth a comment. It did with me.


  7. Gabriel says:

    Mad…There are many of us who can support this. Not to worry. What is needed is your voice and your computer stating truth. Word has it that truth will make you free. I believe that.

    Back on Obamacare; check the link.


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