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The Civil War was 150 years ago.  Looks like a possibility for a mini-Civil War in 2011, don’t you think?   Many Americans and  the majority of states are totally opposed to the Obama Regime in terms of Immigration, Obamacare, and now, Public Sector Unions.    Americans  said loud and clear…”I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it […]


More protests and more violence continues to heat up the middle east.  This time it is Libya.  Tunisia protested first and the “leader” went bye bye.  Egypt protested and the same thing happened: Mubarak leaves after a fair amount of prodding.  Libya protests and Qaddafi orders his armed forces to shoot and kill his people.  The protesters  all seem […]

Life is Sooooooo Hard! Meat or Giant UnderWater Sea Spiders, WHICH???

Okay, here’s the deal. I ‘typically’ keep my yap shut. Why?  Well, because what ‘Goes around comes around’…  AND I don’t want this kind of stuff to be ‘coming around’ to me.  I don’t wish ‘poverty’ on anyone else, and I certainly don’t wish it upon myself, my family, OR anyone else I know. BUT (this […]

If you’d be interested…

My latest post I have deemed too controversial for “Today I’m Grumpy About” and “Right Turn Forever”, so if you’d be interested in seeing it (although I do warn you; it is controversial), you may read it here. The title is “Glenn Beck Blows it on a Personal Level” and it’s a review of his […]


Change You Can Believe In   Today is Presidents Day.  The Gallup Poll shows that President Eisenhower is highly rated, as is certainly President Reagan.  Presidents Clinton and Johnson, not so high.  It would not be fair to rate a President who has yet to complete a first full term in office.  However, a snapshot […]


A great way to start a new week.  It is indeed the long goodbye for public sector unions.  Who would have ever thought that Wisconsin would be the first to recognize this folly?


SMALLEST COUNTY LOSES POPULATION…..Loving County, Texas actually lost population during the last census period.  While the loss was only two people, it represented a big chunk of citizenry.  You see, Loving County only has 84 people…oops, now 82 people.  Texas grew 4.5 million people during this period but no one seemed to want to move […]


First it was War on Arizona.  Now it is War on Wisconsin.  How many more states will feel the wrath of the Obama Regime as they seek to assert their rights under the Constitution?  Many states are fighting implementation of Obamacare.  Others are fighting lax Obama enforcement of American immigration laws.  Then skinned, the former […]


State Governors versus Government Unions.  The whistle has blown and the game has begun.  The stadium is the state of Wisconsin now but is sure to be joined in many other states as Governors begin legislation to curb runaway union pay, benefits, pensions, and bargaining rights.  Each Governor is doing what is required to balance the state […]


From the flim to the flam, the Obama budget highlights what the President is and what the President isn’t.  He goes nowhere near Entitlements; Social Security, and Medicare/Medicaid.  He and his cronies distort the seriousness of our debt/deficit challenges by cooking the books.  Yet he increases funding for PBS and EPA, wants to give money […]

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