Even using Obama’s bogus standards, “Porkulus” spent between $230,000 and $590,000 per job “created/saved.”  Surely, no one in his right mind believes this tripe.  Last week B Hussein Obama celebrated a really big anniversary!  Two years ago our Dear Leader signed a bill affectionately known as the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,” also known among intelligent Americans as the “Porkulus Maximus.”

Recall that “Porkulus Maximus” was sold as the for sure way to keep American unemployment under 8%.  That figure is now, and has been, well above the 8% for months on end.  Where in the world did all that money go, other than to award Obama buddies for helping him with his election?  Ever wonder what our debt would look like if the $800 billion bust had never been approved?

Some of the “projects” have been reported on “Forever.”  Most have not because it is too embarrassing and I sometimes have a queasy stomach.  However, on this two year anniversary a couple of the more ridiculous “projects” are worthy of additional focus.  Grab a drink of choice or perhaps a barf-bag as here we go.

(1)   STUDYING THE ICELANDIC ARCTIC ENVIRONMENT IN THE VIKING AGE.  That is critically important, isn’t it?  The University of Massachusetts at Boston was given a $95,000 stimulus grant to count pollen grains collected from farms in Iceland and allowed researchers to continue studying the role the arctic environment played in the evolution of civic life during the Viking age.  I wonder if “global warming” or (scuse me!) “man-made global climate change” had anything to do with it?

(2)  The National Institute if Health used stimulus funds to pay for a two year long $219,000 study to track female college students for a year to determine whether young women are more likely to ‘hook-up” after drinking alcohol.  I’m not sure but I think they could have spent a lot less money (as in NONE)  if they had just asked a few young women or the young men who are buying all those drinks.

(3)  Some states have chosen to use all of their transportation stimulus money on REAL stimulus projects like roads and bridges.  Others have chosen to spend a significant amount of their money on SIGNS.  Yes, you read that right…SIGNS.  Ohio spent almost $1 million on signs to show the traveling public how well they were doing.  Pennsylvania kicked in $140,000.  New York was off and rolling, with $100,000 and was poised to kick in another $900,000 until some adult caused them to stop squandering the dough.

Oops!  Picked the wrong sign for this paragraph.

Want another way of looking at it?  When this charade was first announced it was touted to be a “Jobs Created” program.  Using just this criteria, I wonder how many jobs were created with these above three programs?  Apparently the whiz-kids decided a bit more subterfuge would be required so “Jobs Saved” was added to the glorious title.  Now, how in the world would you ever be able to determine that??

What does a “saved” job look like?  Any clue on what jobs would have been lost without this $800,000 (plus) waste of money?  How many people would have been fired had it not been for Lord Obama?  Smoke and mirrors from the beginning.  Even the illustrious CBO essentially admits the money went down a black hole.  However, keep in mind that the “Won” is on the throne and just has to be divinely guided.

How about this for a plan of attack?  It wasn’t, but just think about it.  Give every unemployed person $100,000.  We could have saved a passel of money and still have over $460 billion to plow in to the national debt. 

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