For seventy years America has been Good Cop for much of the world.  We did not seek territory, increased power, or any form of spoils.  We believed in freedom for all people and did our best to provide freedom to the extent possible.  It is because of America that there has been no World War III…yet.

Enter year 2008 and B. Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States.  The change has been dramatic and far beyond disturbing.  No, we are not now the bad cop, although Obama would suggest we have been a bad cop for years…long before he ascended to the throne.  We are now, at best, a disinterested passerby on the world stage.

Grading the Obama track record internationally would require an “F.”  However, he seems obsessed with the middle east and all things Muslim.  In that arena, what comes below “F”? 

In Egypt the Obama administration acted with malevolent intent,  essentially ordering Mubarak to go and GO NOW.  Obama assures us the Muslim Brotherhood is of no concern but any thinking person knows this is a lie.  Two Iranian ships have completed a journey through the Suez Canal; the first in decades.  Iran will now be using this sea lane to supply Syria as well as Turkey (Turkey is becoming more and more Islamic).  The new Khomeini just returned to Egypt from exile and addressed a million shouting supporters.  So far, only the US Press has been assaulted.  Next time it will be worse.

Small wonder Almadinejad is celebrating.  One more down.  Gaza is now under the thumb of Hamas.  Lebanon is now being run by Hezbollah, and of course, Syria is the puppet of Iran.  Protests are breaking out all over the place and some fear Jordan may well be on the chopping block.  We have indeed entered  the last quarter.

Obama has conceded numerous bottlenecks in his two short years.  40% of the world’s oil flows through the Strait of Hormuz.  Ship targeting missiles line the Iranian shoreline.  They can close the Strait any time they want.  Somalia and the Atlantic bulge of Africa is controlled by pirates.  The missile flight routes from Iran to Europe are now open.  And Israel, the ONLY free nation in this troubled area, is essentially surrounded.

What was it that Nero did as Rome burned??

Obama keeps abandoning nations to Akmadinejad:  Turkey (tilting more and more Islamist), Egypt (likely the biggest blunder of all), and Iran itself (recall the street riots in Iran when Obama said and did nothing; now occuring once again with Obama still saying and doing nothing..Kumbaya, anyone?)  And here comes Libya.  Isn’t it amazing that this is where the real slaughter is happening yet Obama does nothing other than wag a finger.  Is this because Qaddafi is more of an ally for Obama than an adversary?

What do you suppose our allies are thinking these days?  Think they still trust us?  A world away,  if I were Taiwan I would worry about being double crossed so Obama can appease our banker (that would be China, of course.)  Why would any nation in Europe trust us?  We have been insuring their oil supply for decades, but now?  How much credence does Europe place in START II?  Will they now start turning to Russia for a new imperial master instead of America?

The ONLY thing our adversaries respect is real power and a REAL will to use that power.  Is that what Obama is conveying?  Want to buy a bridge I am selling? Our adversaries are now determining we lack the will (Obama desire) and soon the real power.  Back in the middle east, Akmadinejad knows that Obama is now entering negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan, who gave Al Qaida safe haven, thus allowing them to kill 3,000 people on 9/11. 

Obama is in retreat, step by step.  He is orchestrating this, and Akmadinejad is further emboldened. This is not a gamble.  It is deliberate.  It is the biggest example of appeasement since Chamberlain  with Hitler back in 1939.  Quite likely, no one knows where or when the next attack will come.  This is especially true with the Obama Intelligence Team.  However, come it will, either here in America or overseas.  And what will be the aftermath?

Anthony Daniels, writing In National Review, provides an interesting insight into the current situation.  He writes;  “One of the problems with history is that it is lived forwards but written backwards.  Those who are called upon to make it do not have the advantage of knowing how things will turn out; the precise moment at which democracies should ditch their dictatorial allies in favor of their opponents is therefore difficult to gauge.”

Would that this pertain to Obama.  He is intent on ditching dictators and/or embracing their opponents in accordance with his own agenda.  I worry that his agenda is the road to ruin for America.

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  1. USMC-1969 says:

    And he was elected for his Domestic skills. Geeessshhh!!!!! A good think he picked lil Joe to balance out his foreign agenda. “Lord forgive them as they know not what they do.”

  2. Examiner says:

    Anthony Daniels should have given attribution with his statement; “One of the problems with history is that it is lived forwards but written backwards. Those who are called upon to make it do not have the advantage of knowing how things will turn out; the precise moment at which democracies should ditch their dictatorial allies in favor of their opponents is therefore difficult to gauge.”

    His statement is very close to the words of Danish Theologian Soren Kierkegaard who said “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

    Kierkegaard also said, ““Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Obama’s reaction to world events tells all -- too little, too late, clueless and risk adverse; truly a “Useful Idiot”.

  3. Examiner says:

    Obama and his followers have correctly identified America’s Achilles Heel and it has nothing to do with military strength. It is financial. They are tapping into the public’s insatiable desire to receive something (government benefits) for nothing. Plunging the country into unmanageable debt will be our downfall; it will do what no army or military force would be able to do. We were on our way prior to Obama but he has vastly accelerated our headlong rush to bankruptcy.

  4. Gabriel says:

    USMC…In “Bite-Me’s” case, he truly does not know what he is doing. In Barry’s case, he does know. He has an agenda and is working on it daily. I would love to believe differently but I cannot.

    Hope you like the Limbaugh take on Michelle. Her clothing DOES seem a bit loose fitting.


  5. Gabriel says:

    Examiner…I had never heard of Anthony Daniels until I read his article. I had never heard of Kierkegaard, ever. Sure glad you are here to keep us on our toes. However, I would suggest that the word “react” is not as good as “respond.” Sorry, Mr Kierkegaard. Example” Far better for a Dr to say, “your reaction to the treatment was…..” Better for the Dr to say, “your response to the treatment was…”

    America’s challenge is indeed financial. Something for nothing is definitely the challenge. This is one of the reasons why the Wisconsin situation is so critical for our future.

    Note the link. This has more ramifications than many realize. If this is allowed to stand, why could not the next President say, “Don’t believe that Civil Rights” law has merit. My DOJ and I refuse to enforce it. (Joy Tiz is neat people.)


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